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Welcome to FORAM Petroleum Services Ltd.

...identification of hydrocarbon pool and development skills at the tip of our fingers

Foram Petroleum Services Ltd was incorporated by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) Abuja in 1992.
The name Foram Petroleum Services Limited was derived from a fossil named Foram-miniferal of about 1mm in size, that came into existence at about 90 - 80 millions years ago (upper cretaceous period). This period coincided with the time the NIGER DELTA was formed. These fossils are accurate indicator of the NERITIC/BATHYSAL sediments deposits, representing the prolific reservoirs in the Niger Delta Environment in particular and in other depo centre around the world. more...


The Globe in the Company Logo represents: The Hydrocarbon (HC) System. The Green, Red and Blue colours represents: Gas, Oil, and Water zones as per DPR (Nigeria) colour code. The brown colour represents SHALE zones - the source rock for HC. The centre of the Globe represents the EARTH CORE made of Molten Magma - that provides the heat for the cooking of the KEROGEN in the Shale which generates the HC. Water (H2O). Pre-dated the generation of HC, but due to buoyancy, the generated HC migrated up-wards and settled on top of water in the Reservoir.

Our Vision

To establish an hydrocarbon locator tool (HCLT) that will not be affected by BOTTOM HOLE CONDITIONS for the Oil and Gas Industry.

Our Mission

To establish an hydrocarbon locator tool (HCLT) that will not be affected by BOTTOM HOLE CONDITIONS for the Oil and Gas Industry.

Our Services(What we do)

Services Rendered, Core Areas:

  • Identification of Hydrocarbon Bearing horizons and zones on Seismic Sections, Mud Logging and Wireline Logs
  • Accurate Positioning of Tubing Conveyed Perforation Gun at zones of interest
  • Identification of leads and Drillable Prospects
  • Formation Evaluation Planning and Operations
  • Seismic/Geophysical Services
  • Quality Assurance QA / Quality Control Consultancy
  • Compilation of Comprehensive Composite Logs
  • Generation of Accurate Prognosis and drilling programmes
  • Well Technical Audit
  • Resolution of Straddle field and Unitisation and redetermination issues
  • Programme and execution of Core/Coring operations to ensure desired targets are cored
  • Application/integration of core data in reserviour characterisation and exploitation
  • Gas utilization options
  •



Foram Petroleum Services Ltd is highly concerned with the Health, Safety and Security of all Personnel involved in its projects. We shall demonstrate this commitment in all our operations and shall be responsible for a safe work place, free from foreseeable risks and hazards in accordance with applicable regulations.

Every Personnel engaged in Foram Petroleum Services Ltd shall remain medically fit throughout the duration of the project. We shall continue to maintain retainership with a medical Clinic/Hospital throughout the duration of any of our project as well as providing an onsite and offsite medical services to take care of all mergency cases.

Foram Petroleum Services Ltd engaged the services of experienced HSE Manager who is responsible for safety of personnel, environment and property involved in operations.

Foram Petroleum Services Ltd comply with all applicable rules, regulations and policies aimed at preserving and safeguarding lives of personnel, environment, property and third party. And provide Accident/Workmen Compensation Insurance policy for our workers against occupational hazards/ diseases.

Foram Petroleum Services Ltd shall ensure that properly trained, skilled, experienced and suitable personnel are deployed to perform work in a safe manner and to the required standard using approved equipments/tools and working practices.


The management of Foram Petroleum Services Ltd is committed to work in compliance with the applicable statutory requirement as to deliver high standard quality products and services that meet with our client's requirements.

To achieve this goal, the company has developed a Quality Management System which has defined the Company's Quality Policy, applicable to all staff, sub-contractors, suppliers and the works. more...