Our Name

Foram Petroleum Services Ltd was incorporated by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) Abuja in 1992.
The name Foram Petroleum Services Limited was derived from a fossil named Foram-miniferal of about 1mm in size, that came into existence at about 90 - 80 millions years ago (upper cretaceous period). This period coincided with the time the NIGER DELTA was formed. These fossils are accurate indicator of the NERITIC/BATHYSAL sediments deposits, representing the prolific reservoirs in the Niger Delta Environment in particular and in other depo centre around the world.

Our Purpose

Foram Petroleum Services Limited was incorporated in 1992 to provide Consultancy Services to the Oil and Gas Industry to accurately locate juicy reservoirs to optimal maximisation of oil-bearing zones for greater: revenue, reduction of waste and conservation of the environments in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry in particular and to other countries in general, that might be interested in utilising our proven and tested expertise.

At the beginning of Hydrocarbon (HC) prospecting in the Niger Delta in particular and in the World in general, it was established and propagated that SHALE zones are impervious(impermeable) but current development has proven otherwise, resulting in the CRASH of Oil prices. Likewise, it was established that when the Micro, Shallow and Deep resistivity curves tracked in wireline logs in a zone, the zone is classified as impermeable.

Experience in the field over the past 40 years has indicated otherwise. Many other ideas believed to be true have been applied to date that have led to by-passing prolific Hydrocarbon Producers that could have maximised revenue and reduce waste in Nigeria.

Based on the observed erroneous application of ideas, Foram Petroleum Services Limited was incorporated in Nigeria with the sole aim of providing an excellent interface within the Geosciences, Engineering divisions and other facets of the oil and gas industry with a view to Optimal Maximisation of oil-bearing zones for greater revenue and reduction of waste.

Our Operations

Foram Petroleum Services Limited. act like a buffer solution in all facets of oil and gas activities by rendering services through the provision of tested experts:- Geoscientists/Engineers/Environmentalists/ICT experts to directly involve and partake in the day to day operations and technical meetings in the multi- disciplinary facets of the activities of the Oil and Gas Industry at the office, fields, well-sites, processing centres and laboratories with staff of the Industry.

In our operations, we keep to laid down policy of the government relating to local content development. As a result, we deploy tested indigenous and experience expert personnel that are highly experienced with over 50 years of tested practical experience that can perform according to standard and achieve set objectives in record time. We train workers to develop their skills as desired by employers and observe field results.

The company, through the unrelenting effort of the management team will always make available adequate experienced expert personnel for the execution of projects and ensure completion on schedules.

We honor our promises to deliver in record time and at the same time uphold the trust and confidentiality reposed on us by our professional bodies eg. AAPG, NMGS, SEG, CMD and NAPE.