• Before any personnel can work on our site, his /her state of health {physical and mental}shall be determined through the process of medical certification.
  • Hard drugs and alcohol/smoking are not allowed on our work site.
  • All forms of self-medication are discouraged and frowned at. Any illness arising from work should be reported and appropriate medical treatment given.
  • Well stocked First Aid box including First Aid facilities manned by a qualified first Aider shall be available on site at all times of work to administer First Aid
  • Only procedures for operations that will not temper with the good health of workers shall be employed.
  • Health is wealth


  • Foram Petroleum Services Ltd has systematic approach to HSE performance by ensuring compliance with HSE rules, regulations and to achieve continuous improvement on performance.
  • Appropriate PPE [personal protective equipment] shall be made available to all categories of workers
  • The Management, Supervisor and all employees in all undertakings shall rigorously pursue safety of operations, materials, men and the environment. The idea is to pursue the goal of no harm to people.
  • Management believes that safety simply means no accident


  • Pursue no harm to environment and to achieve this, our waste management is of approved standard.
  • Minimise the destabilisation of the ecological set up.
  • Protect the environment by careful handling of dangerous chemicals, avoid spill of hazardous substance into the environment where our operations are carried out.
  • Good housekeeping and regular inspection of work site/workshop shall be rigorously pursued.
  • All efforts are to be made to ensure that any effect of our operations on the environment is well abated.


  • It is of the believed of our Company that Safety is incomplete without proper integration of security into the system. So in order to ensure an adequate provision for the safety of personnel, equipment, tools and the materials in all our operations, we maintained locally trained guards.
  • This security policy is not limited to worksites alone but also extends to all equipment, personnel and materials in transit.
  • Guards are to attend security training in order to update security awareness.
  • All security lapses shall be reported, investigated and recommendation shall be adopted to prevent re-occurrence.